Government on Task Group

On 24th September 2018 the Task & Finish Group Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Licensing, as commissioned by Department for Transport (DfT), published its ‘Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Licensing: Steps Towards A Safer & More Robust System‘ report.  The 34 recommendations contained within reflected its remit to consider potential reforms to taxi and private hire regulation.

The DfT, on behalf of the Government, today issued its reply to that report in ‘Government Response: Report of the Task & Finish Group on Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Licensing – Moving Britain Ahead‘.  It acknowledges due consideration has been given to all 34 recommendations but expresses a focus on moving forward with “3 key measures” (at page 6):

  • National Minimum Standards
  • National Enforcement Powers
  • National Licensing Database

A separate Government commitment to, amongst others, consider legislative changes for tackling cross-border issues also appears to have been given.  It remains to be seen, in light of the present political uncertainty caused by Brexit, whether present (or future) Government will proceed with the response action plan.


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