School Transport Guidance Note

Today the Local Government Association (LGA), and Institute of Licensing (IoL), published a ‘School Transport Guidance Note‘.  It follows expressions, by their respective memberships, of "...concerns about home to school transport contracts and safeguarding risks...".

Those areas covered incorporate (a) the 'Role of Education Authorities', (b) the 'Role of Licensing Authorities', (c) the 'Concerns Raised by LGA / IoL Members' and (d) 'Recommended Actions'. Such actions, it is encouraged, should include:

  1. Setting up a meeting between the licensing authority, education transport authority and PHV operators.
  2. Checking respective authorities licensing policies.
  3. Establishing a data sharing protocol between licensing authority, education transport authority and operators.
  4. Education transport authorities should undertake a child barred list check.
  5. When awarding a contract, education transport authorities should establish by whom and where a driver is licensed.

It remains to be seen whether Education and Licensing Authorities will adopt, and implement, such measures.

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