DfT Publishes Statutory Standards

Today the Department for Transport (DfT) published itsStatutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards (pursuant to s.177 Policing & Crime Act 2017).  It offers licensing authorities:

…statutory guidance on exercising taxi and private hire vehicle licensing functions to protect children and vulnerable individuals who are over 18 from harm when using these services…”  (at para. 1.2)

The key recommendations, amongst others, cover:

  • Administration of the Licensing Regime
  • Gathering & Sharing Information
  • Decision Making
  • Driver Licensing
  • Vehicle Licensing
  • Private Hire Vehicle Operator Licensing
  • Enforcement of the Licensing Regime

Other topical issues are also incorporated including CCTV, DBS information and previous conviction assessments.  These standards replace, where applicable, the DfT ‘Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Licensing: Best Practice Guidance’ (2010).  The DfT “…expects these recommendations to be implemented unless there is a compelling local reason not to…” (at para. 1.3).

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